The Beginner Musician & Songwriter's Guide To Songwriting Success

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Do you want to know the 3 simple steps every beginner needs to create an audience of raving fans?

If you're a musician or songwriter who wants to create an audience of raving fans without releasing music that no one will hear, then you need to read this immediately to get started correctly with your songwriting efforts.

Step #1: Decide your values

Before creating anything, you need to take stock of what is important to you. What do you stand for? What defines you as a person?

You may think that you are just trying to write a few little songs and it isn’t a big deal, but this is a critical step if you want your music to make an impact, and most musicians and songwriters miss this completely.

Art is a method of creating that can be deeply personal. There is a lot of yourself, your personal experience, your ideas and thoughts and feelings that go into shaping and molding something into existence.

Stepping into that creation experience without a clear idea of who you are, and what you stand for, means you are missing out on leaving a personal touch that is clear and concentrated.

As part of our Infinite Musician Mentality: Spectrum program, we have those who enroll choose from a list of hundreds of values, and narrow them down to around ten. From that list, choosing the top three helps give a narrow focus in the things that are the most important to you. Knowing this, you can begin to leverage and project these things as strengths, and build an identity brand for yourself and your music around this.

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Step #2: Define who identifies with your values

The next step is to try to characterize the type of person who would identify with your core values. Who would look at those values that define you, and say “me too”?

Think about entering a crowded room. It is overflowing with people, all talking over each other, trying to be heard. But the message is indecipherable.

Imagine someone holds up a sign, with a few of the core values that you identify with, and you head over in their direction. When you get there, you realise several other people were drawn to this spot for the same reasons as you, and you all have some kind of connection before anyone has even spoken a word.

If things that define you are important to you, they will be important parts of someone else’s identity. This is the foundation for building a community, and more importantly, the type of community you want to be serving.

A jazz club or a metal show will have people there because of the style of music, but the reality is that all of these people have far more in common with each other than just shared taste in music.

Look at your list of core values, and try to think of things that would be important or of interest to that type of person. Where would they go for fun on the weekend? What kind of movies do they like? Even down to the type of shoes they might wear.

This task of creating a profile or avatar can help you gain the focus necessary to pinpoint the dream person you would want listening to your music, buying your merch, showing up at concerts, representing your brand.


*If You Want To Write Amazing Music, But You're Worried About Being Just Another

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Step #3: Develop your mission and your message

We know who we want to talk to, now we need to figure out what we want to say and how we want to make life better for them. This doesn’t have to be as on the nose or over the head as commercial jingles or political protest songs. Even instrumental music benefits from mission and message definition, just as ships and aircraft benefit from target destinations and info about their surrounding environment.

This step is important because you are now able to create with true personal purpose. You aren’t lying to be popular. You are speaking to those who need to hear what you have to say, and changing their lives for the better.

Perhaps you think dance pop music is vapid, but would the person singing their heart out in their car on the way home from a bad day at work agree with you? The effects of music on a person are deep and important. Your job as a creator of music is equally deep and important.

With the knowledge you have gained about your dream listener, you can get to know them pretty well. You know what they like, but you need to think about the things in their life that need to change. What comfort can you provide them? Will affiliations and statements encourage them to join up with a cause for social justice? Do they just need to dance and trip out?

Having a clear direction as to what problems you can solve for your listener is the ultimate way to change them from a stranger into a raving fan for life.


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