Critical Songwriting Tips Every Musician & Songwriter Needs To Know

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Do you want to know the 3 important songwriting tips every musician and songwriter should know to create an audience of raving fans?

If you're a musician or songwriter who wants to know the important tips to escape being stuck as an unheard musician without releasing music that no one will hear then you need to read this immediately to take your songwriting to the next level.

Songwriting Tip #1: Creating space to write and make music consistently

You want to make music and write songs for a living, you have to treat it like a job. That means getting up and going to work every day, and doing everything you can to improve so you can to gain status, influence, and independence.

No brainer here, but the more you do something, the better you get at it. If you write music and practice every single day, even for a small window, you will make monumental progress.

You can’t expect to wait around for inspiration or the time to be “just right”. Music is a craft, so be deliberate with it, take it seriously, and it will reward you.

You need to assess your daily schedule. When you write your average daily activities down, in blocks of time, you may start to realise that you have a lot more time to work on things than you thought. You may also notice (if you are being honest) that large chunks of the day are being filled with things that are just a colossal waste of time.

If you actively block out at least one hour every day for concentrated songwriting, you’ll find that you will get more done than you thought you could, in far less time than you thought you would need.

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Songwriting Tip #2: Developing a process for being creative or writing

The time has come for you to sit and write your music. How do you approach it?

The less friction or potential obstacles are in your way, the more likely you are to be productive and fruitful with your efforts. Working out a system or process can help you out with this.

How easy is it for you to take a shower, finish your morning routine, get through a workout at the gym?

There are steps you take, in a certain order, in a specific place where everything you need is right there ready to be accessed. The efficient design of the system helps the effectiveness of the process.

Designate a specific space to use for writing music. Being able to get into work mode is easy when your tools are all in the same spot.

Limit your distractions, and do what you can to have everything you need ready to go well before you sit down to work. Do you want to spend fifteen minutes of your fleeting work time changing guitar strings or looking for paper to write on?

Think about how you actually approach your writing when you sit down to do it. How much of that time is just pissed away noodling?

While inspiration is nice, it doesn’t have to listen to you ever, so you can’t wait around to be struck all the time by a brilliant bolt of lightning. Have some kind of idea or prompt that you can use to jumpstart your creative process. The work starts much faster when there is an objective to complete or a problem to solve.

Keep a journal of your ideas. This way, when you sit down to work, but aren’t sure of what you are going to work on, you have a whole collection of ideas to choose from and develop.

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Songwriting Tip #3: Connecting with an accountability partner (or group)

You aren’t the only songwriter or musician taking on the monumental task of creating something. Finding people just like you should be a matter of priority.

Writing music can be an incredibly lonely endeavour, but it doesn’t have to be. Honest encouragement and feedback from those who understand the songwriting struggle is priceless.

But more importantly, if you set out to write a song today, but you are the only person who knows, and you didn’t bother to because you ate a whole pizza to yourself and fell asleep, then relatively little harm is done.

Without consequence, you can feel free to shirk your responsibility, but you have to be your own boss to get the music finished.

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