3 Biggest Myths About Chord Progressions

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Do you know the 3 biggest myths about chord progressions?

If you want to write better music without running out of new song ideas then you need to read this immediately because the myths and the TRUTH about chord progressions are inside this article.

Myth #1: I don't play jazz or classical music, so I don't need music theory

This is a belief that hurts you. There is always someone who comments with smart ass comparisons about how so-and-so didn’t know it, so no one needs it. Do you honestly think that just because you aren’t playing complex music, that you don’t need to study anything about your art?

It’s a short sighted attempt to justify laziness, or fear of doing something you aren’t great at, or a healthy combination of both.

The reality of this situation is that even a basic understanding of music theory can open up your mind to endless possibilities for your songwriting. This is doubly so for chord progressions. Tackling harmony can be a tall order, but making competent choices gives you so much more control over your music.

This is the solution to creating the music that you hear in your head.


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Myth #2: People only listen to the hook

Believing people only listen to the hook hurts you because it isn’t just about something catchy, but the context in which it’s delivered.

Try telling an inside joke to a group of people who aren’t on the inside of it. They have no idea what you’re talking about. If you are a part of it, there are so many more layers of subtlety, nuance, and meaning behind the words you are saying. It’s more than what you say.

The actual reality in this situation is chords and melody are one and the same. They are linked, so when one is improved, it benefits the other. Making strong chord progressions for your melodies can give them so much more character and meaning, that can make your song stand out among the crowds of people who don’t put this kind of detail into their writing process.


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Myth #3: I only need one chord progression that works

We’ve all seen the endless videos of someone playing the same chord progression but singing 100 or so different songs over it. Cute.

And while it is very true that many chord progressions are like cliches, they are also overused (like cliches).

There is a difference between the sound of a style or genre, and just writing the same song over and over again. Even having the knowledge to slightly alter these progressions goes a long way to having a more interesting and unique sound you can develop into your own.

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